Mercedes-Benz Electric FAQs

Mercedes-Benz Electric Vehicles Charging

The Mercedes-EQ line offers premium cars and SUVs with all-electric capabilities. While it is easy to fall in love with these models, our team at Mercedes-Benz of Louisville knows that you may have many questions about buying and owning an electric vehicle. We have prepared answers to frequently asked questions to help you learn more.

Are there tax credits and incentives for EVs?

The federal government offers the Plug-In Electric Drive Vehicle Credit, which can help you to reduce your tax liability. In addition, there are many state-level incentives, including rebates, credits, and more, that you may qualify for.

Can you charge an EV at home with a standard outlet?

Many Mercedes-Benz EV drivers use a standard 110-volt household power outlet to charge their vehicles. A 240-volt power outlet, however, delivers a much faster charging experience. This is the same type of power outlet used to power a clothes dryer. You can easily contract an electrician to install a 240-volt power outlet in your home.

How much does electricity cost for an EV?

As you might imagine, charging your electric vehicle at home can increase your monthly electricity bill. However, most drivers will save money overall by upgrading to an electric vehicle. The average cost of electricity in the United States is 12 cents per kilowatt-hour. Based on an annual mileage of 15,000 miles, you will pay $540 extra on your energy bill to charge your EV. On the other hand, gas prices fluctuate significantly. You could easily pay $1,400 or more to fill up an average car annually based on 15,000 miles.

Is there a difference in performance capabilities between an electric motor and a combustion engine?

Electric motors deliver power to the vehicle immediately. This means that you can enjoy more torque and faster acceleration from an electric vehicle. You may also notice that the driving experience is smooth and quiet. Electric vehicles do not shake when idle or when the gears shift.

When should you replace your EV's battery?

The lithium-ion batteries in Mercedes-Benz EV models are both long-lasting and reliable. Based on the average ownership period of a vehicle, drivers rarely need to make a battery replacement.

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