What is the Mercedes-Benz Illuminated Star?

MB Illuminated Star

The Mercedes-Benz Illuminated Star is one of the most popular accessories from the brand and is available for many new Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Bright and eye-catching, it uses light conductor and LED technology to illuminate the Three-Pointed Star in the radiator grille of vehicles like the C-Class and E-Class. With this unique accessory, you’ll turn heads throughout Elizabethtown at night! Learn more about installation below.

How to Install the Illuminated Star for Your Mercedes-Benz

Installation takes about one to two hours. In this case, it’s a good idea to trust our service center to ensure proper installation. The process is delicate and involves routing an electrical harness to the engine bay’s ground terminal. Installation can be time-consuming, and while you can find DIY guides online, it’s easy to misread a step. To install the star, our technicians will do the following:

  • Turn the Three-Pointed-Star counterclockwise to release it from the grille.
  • Remove the fuse/relay module and drill a hole in the fuse box.
  • Secure the wire harness to the fuse/relay module.
  • Attach the wire harness.
  • Place the emblem back in its slot and turn clockwise.
  • Test your new Mercedes-Benz Illuminated Star.

How to Turn on the Illuminated Star on Your Mercedes-Benz

Now you’re probably wondering how to turn on the Illuminated Star on your Mercedes-Benz. First, you’ll want to make sure that this is one of the illuminated emblems. Once you have everything installed, it should light up automatically once your turn your vehicle on, just like your daytime running headlights. If you need assistance or it’s still not lighting up, feel free to get in touch with our service department. We’ll make sure the Mercedes-Benz Illuminated Star is working!

Learn More About the Mercedes-Benz Illuminated Star from Mercedes-Benz of Louisville

Do you have questions about the Mercedes-Benz Illuminated Star, how to turn it on, or the availability for your vehicle? Contact us at Mercedes-Benz of Louisville, or visit us near Shelbyville and Clarksville. We can help you find more great accessories for your vehicle!